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In 1999, while managing a nightclub, Corey Shankleton encountered the force of a relentless God.  Only months later he was pastoring an inner city mission in Toledo, Ohio.  Despite his radical transformation, it would be 14 years before Corey came face to face with the Father's heart.  When Papa orchrastrated a encounter with Joel and Jonathan Greve, that caused all their hearts to awaken to Mal. 4:6, the hearts of the fathers and sons turning to each other. Since then they have traveled across the U.S. propheticly releasing the wells of revival.  Both Joel and Corey are revivalist with hearts to see sons and daughters released into their destiny, while Jonathan carries a mantel of reformation for families.  Together they help steward a revival center called Emerging Streams in Stryker, Ohio and are part of a team that speaks identity into sons and daughters through an intensive called The Father's Table.  Jonathan and his wife, Nicole, have one son. Joel and Amber have a daughter, and Corey and Hannah are the parents of 6.  They all reside in West Unity, Ohio.

Corey Shankleton